The Canton-Akron Hockey Association is a non-profit association that was established with the primary goal of promoting participation, education and interest in amateur ice hockey. The organization's goal is to provide the opportunity and means for as

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New to Ice Hockey?

Canton Akron Hockey Association (CAHA) has a place to play for players of all ages and abilities. The easiest way to get involved in team play is to enroll in our House League Program.

The overall mission of the House League is to develop players’ skills and love for the game. From here, most players eventually move on to one of ourTravel Hockey Teams while some continue to play through High school within the program. This gives all levels of players an opportunity to play and compete in Hockey.

The Mite House League is our “grass roots” program for ages 4 – 8. The Mite League consists of cross ice games and practices with an emphasis on fun and skill development. Cross ice games enable players to handle the puck much more often than if games were on full ice. This format results in more shots on goal, which makes the Mite League some of the most exciting hockey in the building.

After the Mite level, play turns to full ice competition. Squirts and Peewees, ages 9 – 12, Bantams and Midgets, ages 13 – through high school.